Plan Holder

This is the person who takes out the funeral plan, either for themselves, or on behalf of others.

First Critical Contact (Payee)

This is the person who will contact us to inform us of the ‘sorry business’ and who will be our contact for arranging payment of funeral-related expenses.

Second Critical Contact (Disclosure)

his will be the person whom the plan holder wishes us to disclose information to.

Named person (Nominee)

This is the person who is covered for funeral and related expenses in the event of their passing

Benefit Amount

This is the amount which you are covered for in relation tofuneral andrelated expenses.

Fortnightly Amount

This is the amount you will pay each fortnight in order to keep your plan active and please remember, that you are covered once your first fortnightly amount is received.

Cooling Off Period

The ‘cooling off period’ is 10 business days, or the equivalent of 14 days as these may include weekends or public holidays. During this period, you will not have to make payments, and can simply cancel if you wish.