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The cost of funerals in Australia are soaring, and will continue to do so in line with inflation.  For example, the average* prices vary from state to state.  In Queensland, the average price of a cremation is $4,750 and a burial is $6,600.  In NSW, a cremation can cost around $7,000, with a burial around $7,600.  In the Northern Territories, Cremation was between $3,500 and $7,500 with a burial being as high as $12,000.  Finally, we found costs in Western Australia to be around $8,000. These soaring prices make it more important than ever for you to be on top of your personal finances.  The more benefit that you are covered for, the less that your family have to find, especially at a time when they are grieving for you.

* Dependent upon local Council charges, coffin size etc.  Prices include a service.

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