This section sets out details of practices and procedures as referred to in clause 14 of the Rules.

If an Overpayment is made to us in error

If you should inadvertently overpay us at any time, we will hold on to this payment, keeping it in a separate account associated with yourself.  However, we will credit it to your plan, should there be any future missed payments.  Moreover, we recognise that illness, changes in banking or domestic arrangements,  even the odd oversight MAY result in a payment or payments being missed.

All overpayments which have not be credited to your plan will be returned to you in full if your plan is cancelled for any reason.

If our contact details for you are incorrect

In the event that any mail which has been sent out to you is returned to us, we will hold them in your file at our office, and once we have your correct address details, we will re-send.

If someone is appointed as a ‘named person’ more than once.

We will do all that we can to ensure that no person becomes a Named Person more than once.  However, should this occur, we will treat the original nomination as valid, and we will return ALL payments which have been made by you in respect of subsequent (duplicated) named persons.

As a company which prides itself on excellent customer experience and relationships, we judge every application individually. Based on your answer to 3 simple health questions, coupled with other basic information, gathered by our highly experienced and compassionate consultants, we will create a quote which will suit your needs and the needs of your family, without breaking the bank! No need for a medical tests or longwinded, time-consuming questionnaires.