Office Staff:

You are very important to us. Our office staff are trained to attend to most enquiries, which Plan Holders may have about their plans.

If at any time you are experiencing problems with your plan or your situation changes please phone us on 1800 234 700. Some of the things that you may wish to contact us about are as follows:

Plan enquiries
You are having problems ensuring your payments are made
If a payment is missed
If you are charged bank fees
If you change your address or telephone number
If the day payments are made is to be changed
If one of your Named Persons passes away
If you wish to add a Named Person
If you wish to remove a Named Person
If you wish another person to take over the payments
If you have forgotten how the Plan works


Our Field Consultants all carry identification. They will be happy to discuss your plan with you or join any eligible person who wishes to become a Plan Holder. They will be happy to make an appointment with you in the privacy of your own home.