The fortnightly payment will be the total of individual costs that apply to each person named on your plan.

(Payments are fortnightly in advance, however we do offer a generous upfront payment discount. We will give pro-rated discounts for quarterly, 6 monthly and yearly payments in advance.)

Those costs depend on:

  • The benefit amount you choose
  • The health level we decide on, and
  • The age of the person at the time a payment is due.
    You must also pay the amount of any GST or other tax or government charges we are required to pay in respect of your fortnightly payments. At present these are all tax exempt.

Continuing to Make Payments

The Plan is available for as long as you want it. All you have to do is to keep making regular fortnightly payments. You can cancel your plan at any time. If you stop making payments or miss 4 payments, your plan will be cancelled. If your plan is cancelled, we will not give any money back and we will not make any payment on the passing of any person named on your plan.