Benefit Amounts

You will need to choose a benefit amount for each person named on your plan. The benefit amount is the amount you want us to pay after that nominee passes away. Benefit amounts can be $4000, $6000, $8000, $10000, $12000, $15000 or $20,000.

Although the maximum benefit amount we will pay within the first 12 month is $6,000, a nominee is entitled to this in the event of their passing, immediately after we receive their first payment. The whole amount paid must be used for the sole purpose of paying funeral and funeral-related expenses.

Health Levels

You will need to give us accurate information about your health and the health of each person you want to be part of your plan. Based on that information, we will decide on a health level for each person. There are 3 health levels. The consultant will tell you the health level that they believe will apply. Head office will check and confirm in writing your health level.