The Plan is run by ACBF Funeral Plans Australia Pty Ltd, which is a private company. Companies in the ACBF group have provided funeral plans for many thousands of people Australia-wide for more than 25 years.

The Plan is designed to provide a payout to meet funeral-related expenses. The whole payout amount must be used for the sole purpose of paying funeral and funeral-related expenses. The insurer will only make a payment for documented funeral and funeral-related expenses according to the rules of the plan.

To take up the benefits of the Plan, you become a “Plan Holder”. You will need to tell us the names of the people whose funeral-related expenses you wish the Plan to cover. These people may include yourself, family members, or others. As a Plan Holder, you must make sure that regular fortnightly payments are made to us. Provided you remain a Plan Holder, a payout will be available following the passing of a person named on your plan. The payout is provided as the result of an insurance policy obtained by us from an insurer.