When you make an application, you are asked to nominate the people you would wish to be covered for funeral expenses.  The payout will cover all or part of all funeral-related expenses, in respect of your loved ones whom you wish to cover, in the event of them passing.  We ask you to provide general health information about them and choose the level of benefit desired.

If your application is accepted, you become a “Plan Holder”. Each person you nominate and we accept is a “Named Person”. Once the first payment has been made for your plan, all your Named Persons are part of your plan and they are covered the instant which that first payment is received..

From the time you become a Plan Holder, you must observe the rules of the Plan (“the Rules”). In particular, you must ensure regular fortnightly payments are made to us for as long as you wish to remain a Plan Holder.

Subject to the Rules, and provided you remain a Plan Holder, we will make a payout following a Named Person’s passing. This payout is provided as the result of an insurance policy obtained by us from an insurer. After we are informed of a Named Person’s passing and we have been provided with the information we require, we will make a claim on the insurer.

A payout will usually be made with in 7days of the date on which our claims requirement are met. The payout will be made to “the Payee” who will be you, except where you are the Named Person.

We try to ensure the fastest possible payout to help ease the burden on you.